2 Gambling Games to Make a Party more Fun

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Parties are always fun with drinks and groovy tunes that create cheerful moments to fill within your haven. No one would hate to go to a party except for the ones who don’t like the idea of drinking and enjoying the night. Nothing about a party should be boring as to kill the high spirits of the guests; so, the host must make sure to keep the night as lively as possible. Theme parties have been a trend for a long time now, and the lights and joy only get brighter with such events.

Gambling is one big factor that runs such parties seamlessly by leaving no margin for a debacle. If you feel like the gambling session is taking the road of tedium, switch to ideas that can revitalize the whole party to make the excitement tenfold. A few tweaks to the existing plan could bring about a cool casino-like experience, which might be something that many of them would be waiting to indulge in. Here are a few gaming ideas that could potentially change your house party into a weekend casino night of sorts.


1. Shot Roulette

This game has been in the gambling scene for long but mostly goes unnoticed among the other dazzling set of games. Shot roulette, an adult-only game, is based on the classic wheel of roulette. Here, each number on the board is linked to a shot, and when the player spins the wheel, the shot associated with the number where the ball lands have to be taken by the player. By adding a set of drinks that no one wants to drink, the game gets infused with more fun. You wouldn’t need to worry about setting up a shot roulette game at your party because there are no many requirements. Every party-starter can get it done easily with just a roulette wheel, a ball, and a numbered felt. Draw a grid of 37 or 38 numbers on the game table and redraw it if spillages occur.

2. Chase the Ace

Although this game isn’t played much in a casino, you can use this for your party since it is one enjoyable affair, creating an edge-of-seat nervousness and a whole lot of laughs. You can easily set up the game with a deck of cards, and all you need to do is to deal a card to each player; only if you want to become the dealer. Ending up with the lowest value on their hand at a round’s end will lead them out of the game. Trade with the player next to you if you don’t have a high card. All players can stick to their cards when the game continues until the last person.

high card

The one who reveals to have the lowest number will lose the game, and he/she can be challenged with an activity to make the game double the fun. However, chase the Ace is essentially a game of plenty of laughs and fun even without the last part of making the loser to undertake a forfeit.

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